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When the Hurricane Blew is divided into three sections: "The Story," "The Tips," and "The Games."

"The Story" is a heart warming and often humorous tale told by a grandfather who, as a child, experienced a direct hit from a major hurricane. His grandchild urges him on as he retells the tale from the moment the school principal announced school was going to be canceled for the rest of the week due to an approaching hurricane. The grandfather then goes on to describe the adventure that entailed including evacuation, returning to find a damaged community, cookouts under the stars while the power was out, dealing with the extended displacement and a heavily damaged home, and more. It's warm, funny, reassuring, instructive, and healing. And it a great way to help kids understand what to expect and how to deal with the fear and uncertainty caused by an approaching hurricane and its aftermath.

"The Tips" give a list of "Tips for Before the Hurricane" and "Tips for After the Hurricane" generated by the kids themselves. Here are a couple of examples:

Get your special things packed in the car before your sister fills it up with her clothes.

Bring a stuffed animal in case you’re scared and because you may not see these little friends for a long time

Don’t let your heart flow with the hurricane. Let your heart flow with your family.

"The Games" section provides a collection of games and activities kids can enjoy while in the car evacuating, while without electrical power, or while displaced after the storm.



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