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When the Hurricane Blew: The Story, The Tips, The Games by Hurricane Kids for Hurricane Kids

Whenever a hurricane threatens a community, the parents and grandparents get very busy with hurricane preparations. Kids are often fearful and have their own hurricane preparations to make. That’s where this book can help. Created by hurricane kids for hurricane kids, When the Hurricane Blew offers a heartwarming story to help kids understand what is happening around them. It offers tips from kids who have been there and a collection of games kids can enjoy while in the car evacuating, while without electrical power, or while displaced after the storm. It is a great way to help kids understand what to expect and how to deal with the fear and uncertainty caused by an approaching hurricane and its aftermath.


This book was written by a team of 4th grade kids (affectionately known as Mann’s Miracles) who have personally experienced direct hits from two major hurricanes within a single year and the resulting devastation to their Gulf Breeze, Florida community. These kids know first hand what it’s like to be a kid, watch a hurricane approach, and then experience the community-wide tragedy it can cause. The experience moved them to create this book. It’s sure to help kids understand what to expect as the storm approaches and… in the event of a direct hit… find comfort in knowing that their hearts and lives will heal.


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